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analisi immunologiche dei poliformismi KIR e delle sue varianti genetiche HLAC è effettuata con protocolli operativi conformi a linee guida internazionali ed a rigorosi controlli interni qualitativi.

 KIR HLA-C    

Immunology of infertility

The IRG laboratory is the only specialized center in Italy to carry out the genotyping KIR HLAC study, turn around times estimated at 7 days

  • Providing  personalized consultations based on the couple's clinical history, and in compliance with scientific protocols

  • IRG making KIR genotyping since 2016 and get involved in several research projects on the topic

For the testing of KIR receptors we examine 16 genes (presence/absence) and for "compatibility" (matching of KIR-HLAC epitope functional interaction) it is essential to analyze the parental HLACs

as they are transmitted to the blastocyst according to a Mendelian segregation.

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Info Medical Shipping 

Patients seeking the possibility to carry out genetic tests may fill a form to receive a kit for blood sampling and packaging to deliver by a dedicated transport courier the samples to the laboratory. This service free of charge may allow to patients from other part of Italy and abroad (international shipment) to undergo immunogenetic tests.

Diagnostic results will be delivered to patient’s mail address within two weeks by the arrival of blood samples to the laboratory. Please fill out the form in the Contact section, or join us to WhatsApp Business profile for more information

 Kir Hlac Test a distanza
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